The Vision of

The Sacred Ground Academy

Practical Spirituality - Sacred Mysticism

Sacred Ground Academy is the educational branch of the Sacred Ground Collective. It is a space for learning and growing into the awareness of the immensity of our own power as souls in human bodies. This is a school for practical spirituality and sacred mysticism because we believe the balance of practical and sacred is paramount as we move forward as individuals and as a human culture.

Types of Classes and Courses

Curiosity Meets Experiential Wisdom


Co-Weavers of the Academy

Sharon Riegie Maynard

Sharon Riegie Maynard, taught by those in the Unseen Worlds of Spirit, calls herself a Mystic Shawoman. She has been honored to bring forth information from her guides and teachers in Spirit to transform the original cause of humanity’s wounding.

Emma MacKenzie

Emma has been involved with the spiritual world since childhood and has spent her life studying and practicing spiritual systems from around the world and throughout time. Her search brought her to a deeper understanding of her personal relationship with the Essence of Life (Source, God, Spirit) as a foundation for the expansion of her life.

Carol Squire

Having retired from corporate jobs and consulting four times to devote herself to the full time teaching of the spiritual Work inspired by G.I. Gurdjieff and other 4th Way masters, Carol is slowly catching on to the reality that we all lead and teach who we are, where we are, whether 9-5 job or creative works.

Cinda Stevens Lonsway

Spiritual Advisor and author Cinda Stevens Lonsway works as a spiritual counselor, workshop and retreat facilitator, and public speaker. Specializing in creating rituals on the spot for her clients, her goal is to empower them to recognize their own gifts and connection with Source/Spirit/Universe and their angels.

Kelli Lair

Blessed with an entrepreneurial mindset from childhood, Kelli is a visionary with the ability to pull ideas and concepts out of thin air, She sees possibilities in ideas as already being in place.

Susan Theresa

I am a Mother, Grandmother, Author and Alchemist. A traumatic illness led me to holistic medicine. Acupuncture, homeopathy, Reiki, guided imagery, mediation and flower essences were all powerful tools I used along my healing journey. Since then, it’s been my mission to walk with my clients as a support and guide on their own healing journeys.

"In the Academy, we hold to the values of collaboration, contribution to the personal and greater good, and personal empowerment. We believe our souls have chosen to be here on Earth on a mission to reclaim our personal authority and to create the practical, sacred space for all beings to flourish. As teachers and mentors, we call on all our experiential wisdom – past, present, and future. We work to inspire, encourage, and affirm the Inner Divinity of goodness for all."

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