The Sacred Ground Academy functions on a quarterly model

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Welcome to This Taste of Learning Possibilities

Our teachers have prepared short, self-directed courses to give you a taste of a variety of subjects. The purpose is to let you wander this "smorgasbord" of ideas and see what make you come alive.


January 2020 Opening Panel

This panel shared their ideas and visions on women building community and homes.




Re-Creating the Mental Health System

We are seeing through so many "cracks" that the mental health system is broken. Could this be a time for designing something new? Listen to in insights of Bree Greenberg Benjamin, LMFT. Her experiences could hold the key to better individual and national wellness.

Bree Greenberg Benjamin, Free Gift

The Gift of Teaching Children

We say we are a nation that values children.

Teachers are showing the strength they have. Teachers are a creative, hardworking lot. They do whatever they have to for the children in their care. They are a very special group of people.

It is important for children to spend time with their peers. Teresa R. Bain, owner of the magnificent Apple Preschool in Washington state, shares her experiences.

Teresa R. Bain, Free Gift

The Opportunities in Troubled Waters

There will always be times of "trouble" as we journey in life.

Sharing possibilities is always helpful.

Join us as we send out 6 ideas from our Co-Weavers.

Group, Free Gift

The Deep Roots of Female Truth changes Family Design

If you build from a false foundation, whatever you build will not last. It will be on shifting sands.

This course will give you a new foundation, a new concept, a new purpose to consider that will change a family's design. With a true foundation, you have greater clarity, strength, and sisterhood.

Sharon Riegie Maynard, facilitator

$60 for this 6 online class course

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