Welcome to This Taste of Learning Possibilities

Our teachers have prepared short, self-directed, online courses to give you a taste of a variety of subjects. The purpose is to let you wander this "smorgasbord" of ideas and see what make you come alive.


Reforming the Mental Health System

From her decades of experience as a psychotherapist also trained in healing and spiritual practices Bree Greenberg Benjamin shares her model of integrated therapy.

Taking Time to Evaluate

More free offering in the next quarter.

Opportunities in Troubled Waters

There will always be times of "trouble" as we journey in life. Sharing possibilities is always helpful. Join us as we send out 6 ideas from our Co-Weavers.

The Gift of Teacher Children

We say we are a nation that values children.

Teachers are showing the strength they have. Teachers are a creative, hardworking lot. Teresa R. Bain shares her experience as a preschool owner and teacher.

Crystalline Seeds

Susan Theresa Mavity has prepared this Introductory class in order for you to start to exploring Spiritual living and are knowledge of the crystal kingdom.

Spring with a Shamanic Herbalist

Julie Charette Nunn, a Shamanic Herbalist, will share simple practices for connecting in nature with the plants near your home.

The Voice of Conscious Power

Coming next quarter

More offerings will come

More offerings will come

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