The Sacred Ground Academy functions on a quarterly model

January - April - August - November

Welcome to This Taste of Learning Possibilities

Our teachers have prepared short, self-directed courses to give you a taste of a variety of subjects. The purpose is to let you wander this "smorgasbord" of ideas and see what make you come alive.


Spring with a Shamanic Herbalist

Julie Charette Nunn, a Shamanic Herbalist, will share simple practices for connecting in nature with the plants near you. Discover ways to initiate an alliance with the plants that will support you to live an authentic life.

Julie Charette Nunn, Free Gift

Hearing Mother Earth's Voice

In this course, you will hear Angelique Boas's experiences as she opened to more of her purpose. Nature was like angel wings for her. You may have similar feelings.

Angelique Boas, Free Gift

Crystalline Seeds

This Introductory class is perfect if you are starting to explore Spiritual living and are curious about expanding your knowledge of crystals.
     * History of Crystals
     * Why they work
     * Guided meditation
     * Working with Blue Lace Agate

Susan Theresa Mavity, Free Gift


Space Holder for next quarter class

Space Holder for next quarter class

Space Holder for next quarter class

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